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Program Data Module

The Project

The goal was to build a management system to harness the ever-changing details related to Humber programs and courses. The first step was to get familiar with their current data sets and build a solution that brings all program-related data into one place in one place. Data was then pushed out to the various program, course, and search pages throughout the Humber website.

Our Strategy

Content development and change processes were analyzed through meetings with key stakeholders in departments throughout Humber. Through these meetings, we were able to strategize and create a customized approval process for each of the many data sets. These processes create transparency and communication between departments. The result is a back-end system that is managed by administration across Humber. The system feeds approved content directly to the front-end website, also developed by Black Cat.

Take a moment to get familiar with the Humber Program Data and Curriculum Management System by watching the video below.

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